the best band in the world

the fiery furnaces have released their 6th album, and possibly their best. widow city. so good they named it once. what’s with the philadelphia grand jury? what’s with the guy with the japanese slippers? who’s the old hag?



mr. toledano

phillip toledano takes mad pictures. click here for your appointment.


nina braun

check out nina braun’s crazy wool sneakers, dollsĀ  & other cool stuff.


Kimi Raikkonen

for the first time in 20 years 3 drivers have a mathematical chance of securing the world championship in the final race. raikkonen is 3 points adrift from alonso. 7 from hamilton. he’s been close twice before (2003 & 2005) but this year it was a long shot.

go kimi!


the best band in the world

one of them is called the house of lords. they are also the prince of wales. check out the young knives.


the best band in the world

the cribs‘ first album was cool. hey scensters is a classic. but men’s needs, women’s needs, whatever is in another league. alex kapranos (franz ferdinand) produces, & lee renaldo (sonic youth) does some lee renaldo spoken word stuff. fabulous.


mike mills

mike mills, designer, illustrator, director, not the rem bass player. though he’s alright too. air even named a song after him.