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nina braun

check out nina braun’s crazy wool sneakers, dolls¬† & other cool stuff.



Kimi Raikkonen

for the first time in 20 years 3 drivers have a mathematical chance of securing the world championship in the final race. raikkonen is 3 points adrift from alonso. 7 from hamilton. he’s been close twice before (2003 & 2005) but this year it was a long shot.

go kimi!


animal farm

animal farm is an idea farm. check it out. afarm.jpg

the hamster knows your secrets

fortunately the hamster is unlikely to remember your bank details. even if he did, his lack of opposable digits means he can’t type in your pin number. they thought of everything.hamstershredder1.jpg

japanese smoking manners

‘before passing gas i look behind me, but i don’t bother when i’m smoking.’


the evolution of the mac

mad. especially if you’re looking at this on a macbook pro.


fast food: ads vs reality

but the ads look pretty unappetising too.