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the best band in the world

one of them is called the house of lords. they are also the prince of wales. check out the young knives.



the best band in the world

the cribs‘ first album was cool. hey scensters is a classic. but men’s needs, women’s needs, whatever is in another league. alex kapranos (franz ferdinand) produces, & lee renaldo (sonic youth) does some lee renaldo spoken word stuff. fabulous.


tokyo police club

the best band in the world. no, really.



their track atlas, is the maddest thing i’ve heard all year. if you can imagine mel blance fronting a band of assembly line robots, you’re halfway there.

dinosaur jr.

j mascis & lou barlow have patched up their differences & are back with a new album, beyond. listen to some of the new tracks on their official site.

queens of the stone age

era vulgaris is the new record by josh homme & co.


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